05/06/2013 01:57 pm ET Updated May 06, 2013

'Dexter' Season 8 Preview Gives Glimpse Of Possible Deb Spinoff (VIDEO)

Showtime is reportedly considering launching a Deborah Morgan-focused spinoff series after "Dexter" signs off this year, and a new "Dexter" Season 8 preview gives a glimpse of what that could look like.

The video above, titled "From Cop To Killer," focuses on Deb's (Jennifer Carpenter) journey from a bright-eyed rookie to a lieutenant who crossed over to her brother's murderous dark side with commentary from the "Dexter" cast and production team.

New footage from "Dexter's" upcoming final season shows Deb struggling to deal with what she did in last season's shocking finale. "I shot the wrong person in that trailer," she coldly tells Dexter. Later, she says, "I wake up every day thinking of every bad decision I made because of you."

Deb seems to be on a downward spiral, sobbing, smoking and taking prescription pills. "I've destroyed Deb," Dexter says ominously.

"This season is about what Dexter's going to leave behind. A lot of that is wrapped up in his relationship with his sister, because there is a direct connection between how Deb feels about him and his overall legacy," Michael C. Hall notes.

The final season of "Dexter" premieres Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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