05/06/2013 01:30 pm ET

Gary Washburn Explains MVP Vote For Carmelo Instead Of LeBron James (VIDEO)

LeBron James won his fourth career NBA MVP Award, collecting 120 of the 121 first-place votes. The only first-place vote that didn't go James' way was cast by Boston Globe writer Gary Washburn. He voted for Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks.

Cue the outrage...

Washburn revealed that he was the lone voter who picked Anthony as his Most Valuable Player of 2013 in a column on Monday. He also appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter to discuss his decision.

"I just felt like Carmelo Anthony elevated his team this year to new heights. This Knicks team has essentially been a laughing stock in the NBA for 10 years. They reached the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. They won 54 games. They won 12 straight in April," Washburn said. "I just felt like he was the most valuable player obviously on his team and to his team. If this is a best player in the league award, LeBron James wins this every year. We Know that."

Although he was "flabbergasted" that he was the only media voter not to put James atop the ballot, Washburn insisted that he "voted with my heart."

After being presented with the award on Sunday, James suggested that the lone voter who didn't vote for him might have been swayed by an on-court rivalry.

"It was probably a writer out of New York that didn't give me that vote," James said. "And we know the history between the Heat and the Knicks, so I get it."

What do you think about Washburn's vote?



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