05/06/2013 11:01 am ET

Gillian Anderson Interview: 'X-Files' Actress Encourages Daughter To Follow Her Heart, Not A Man


Moms tend to give pretty damn good advice, often because they've been there before.

At least that's the case with "X-Files" actress Gillian Anderson who has some sound advice for her 18-year-old daughter Piper. Anderson, who once moved cities to follow a man, discussed the subject in an interview with The Telegraph, published on Sunday. She said:

Right now my daughter’s planning a gap year and I’m hoping she will properly explore the world, but I keep thinking what happens if she meets somebody and that somebody lives somewhere else and she decides that actually what she wants to do is be with that person and go and start having kids.

I’m encouraging her to follow her heart in big things rather than following men. The amount of time wasted on that… ridiculous.

Do you agree? Or do you think sometimes following your heart means following a man?

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