05/06/2013 05:03 am ET Updated May 06, 2013

'Happy Endings' Finale: Alex And Dave Break Up As Series Faces Uncertain Future (VIDEO)

Things came full circle on the season finale -- hopefully not the series finale -- of "Happy Endings." Should these be the final episodes of the low-rated cult comedy, the story went out much as it began: with Dave and Alex realizing their romance wasn't meant to be. At least this time she didn't have to run away from him at the altar.

Instead, it was just a realization they came to while they were locked inside their own apartment ... and then bathroom ... and finally, the shower. But because the never-seen -- even in flashbacks! -- third Kerkovich sister had just announced a shotgun wedding, they decided to keep their break-up a secret from everyone.

Unfortunately, they made the mistake of telling Penny and Max, which meant it quickly made its way around the Kerkovich family gossip circle -- along with several other decoy rumors the pair tried to spread to undo their dirty work. It really only made things more complicated. The one true piece of gossip was that Brooke was pregnant, a fact that did a lot to soften her perfectionist image with her sister, Jane. seemed to think the break-up between Dave and Alex was inevitable, writing, "Season 2 ended with Dave and Alex back together, so I can only assume that the show's plan has been to wrap each season with a new update for the central couple." They compared the central coupling to Ross and Rachel of "Friends," who wound up together despite everything.

But will "Happy Endings" get the chance to bring their own version of Ross and Rachel back together? ABC has yet to commit to a fourth season, although USA has shown interest should they pass on it.

"It's nice to know that people might want us, but I don't really know anything. No one tells us anything. ... If ABC picks it up, it's because it's a good show," executive producer Jonathan Groff told TV Guide. "They have good comedies and we're one of them. They want to try us again and handle us differently. I'd love to be anywhere, but I'd love to stay on ABC."

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