05/06/2013 02:11 pm ET

Clydesdale, Homeless Man Who Can Make Moustache Dance, Gets $3,000 From Donors (VIDEO)

A homeless man with a hair-raising talent got some big bucks recently from his newfound fans.

While filming a prank in March, the team from YouTube’s “Whatever” channel met Clydesdale, a homeless California man who can make his moustache dance. The crew posted a short clip of Clydesdale’s upper-lip skill to the Internet and it got over 1 million views, prompting them to find a way to help out the talented guy.

They started an Indiegogo fundraiser and collected more than $2,000.

The three pranksters met up with Clydesdale after they finished fundraising and gave him a check for $3,000, a gift certificate and some clothes. One T-shirt boasts “my moustache can boogie.”

The homeless man was so shocked with the outpouring of support, he was speechless at first. But he then found some words of gratitude to share.

“Thanks for giving me a spark in life,” he told the crew.

He also then treated them to an encore, naturally.



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