05/06/2013 05:04 pm ET Updated May 07, 2013

Husband Is Gay: Doug Dittmer Recalls Coming Clean To Wife About Sexuality (VIDEO)

In a HuffPost Live segment Friday, Doug Dittmer, the co-author of Over The Cliff: Gay Husbands In Straight Marriages, opened up about what it was like being in a straight marriage as a gay man.

"I was in the marriage for seven years and willfully putting down my sexual attractions to men," he told host Abby Huntsman.

And how, exactly, did he do that?

"I really kind of separated affection from sex; men are very good at doing that," he said. "I could go out and have sex with a guy and it was just fun, just adult recreation -- that's all it was, it was meaningless."

Eventually, Dittmer came clean to his wife. Watch the video above to see how she responded, then click through the slideshow below for five celebs who came out after divorce. You can watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.

Celebs Who Came Out After Divorce

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