05/06/2013 01:30 pm ET

James Gilkerson Shootout VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Gunman Firing At Officers, Dying (GRAPHIC)

Dashboard camera footage released this week shows a gunman, armed with a semiautomatic assault rifle, firing on Ohio officers while screaming, "Kill me."

James Gilkerson, 42, of Mentor-on-the-Lake, fired 33 rounds at officers -- hitting one of them in the hand -- before he was killed by return fire in the graphic March 10 video.

Police told WPTV that Gilkerson had loaded magazines, ski masks and gloves, military-style ammo cans, a scoped .22-caliber rifle and instructional books and DVDs on topics including "Kitchen Approved Plastic Explosives" when he was pulled over for failing to stop at an intersection.

In the video, Gilkerson exits his vehicle and starts firing at two Middlefield Police officers. One of them, Erin Thomas, takes a bullet in the hand. Her fellow officer, Brandon Savage, asks if she's been hit, to which she replies, "Yes." Gilkerson continues to fire in the officers' direction while pleading with them to "kill me."

Savage then fires 29 bullets at a crouched Gilkerson, who eventually collapses. He was pronounced dead at the scene, WOIO reported at the time.



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