05/06/2013 01:42 pm ET Updated May 06, 2013

Patrick Schwarzenegger Kicked Out Of Club, Threatens To 'Beat The F**K' Out Of DJ (VIDEO)

Temper, temper.

It's not clear why Arnold Schwarzenegger's 19-year-old son Patrick was kicked out of the The Sayers Club on Saturday night, but he wasn't happy about it.

We're guessing it could have had something to do with the fact that he's underage, but from the video footage obtained by TMZ, it sounds like the"Grown Ups 2" actor had a run-in with the club's DJ.

A TMZ cameraman recorded Patrick after he was booted from the Hollywood hot spot, threatening to "beat the f**k out of the DJ."

"Everyone around me wants to beat the f**k out of the DJ ... I'll beat the f**k out of him," Patrick is heard telling his group of friends, adding:

"He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner."

It was clear that Patrick was upset by the night's events, and it didn't get any better when he tried to get into an SUV parked outside the club, but was shut down by the driver.

Patrick then went full-on diva as he condescendingly waved his hand in the driver's face, telling him to move along. As he's Maria Shriver's son, and part of the Kennedy family, somehow we don't think his great-aunt Ethel would approve, which is why we aren't surprised that he took to Twitter after the footage hit the web to apologize:

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Patrick Schwarzenegger used a fake ID to get into The Sayers Club, but was only kicked out after he threw ice cubes at the DJ, according to sources connected with the club.



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