05/06/2013 04:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ralph Polnicky Accuses Tractor Supply Company Worker Of Sending 'Threatening Dildo' (VIDEO)

Someone sent Ralph Polnicky a threatening dildo -- and now he wants to get his hands on the culprit.

The 8-inch dildo has the phrases, "Ralph Is A D***" and "Tractor Supply. Don't Come Back" written in a black.

The Sparks, Okla., resident believes the unwanted gift was sent after an incident in October at the Tractor Supply Company in nearby Shawnee.

"They botched an order in October," Polnicky, a retired Vietnam vet, told The Huffington Post. "I ordered a 250-foot spool of bungee cord and didn't get it for weeks -- even though they had it in stock."

Polnicky claims he had words with the assistant managers and one of them yelled "Get out and don't come back!"

Polnicky said he received a package on Feb. 15 without a return address that contained the "threatening dildo."

"My wife was shocked," he admitted. "She wondered, 'What's going on?' Worse, she feared what was going to happen next."

Polnicky has been trying to figure out who sent him the offending sex toy. He's been unable to get fingerprints from the dildo "It had touched too many hands," he admitted.

Polnicky believes, however, the culprit was the one who yelled "Get out!"

"Whoever sent it has a very unusual writing style, writing their "O's" as diamonds," he said.

At first, Polnicky said he wanted an apology from the company, a nationwide chain with nearly 1,200 locations. Now, he wants the culprit to be fired, which is putting him at odds with his wife.

It is not against the law to send a sex toy in the mail, but Polnicky is considering a possible civil suit for emotional damages.

Andy Willett, the Tractor Supply V.P. of Store Operations, wrote him a letter on April 25, 2013, saying that the matter had been thoroughly investigated and that he was unable to determine if the package was sent by an employee.

"We appreciate that there are additional steps you request that we take in our investigation which involve more sophisticated and invasive detection techniques such as polygraph testing," Willett wrote. "This is not part of our protocol and will not be done in this instance."


Polnicky said Willett also called him at home and explained that the person who needs to work this case recently had foot surgery, putting any further investigation on hold.

Still, Polnicky isn't buying that explanation.

"A billion dollar corporation with 1,000 stores and only one person can do this investigation?" he griped. "It appears to be just another excuse."

The Huffington Post reached out to Tractor Supply, but calls were not returned. However, the company did send this statement to KFOR-TV.

“We are aware of the situation and have completed a thorough internal investigation into the matter. While we will adhere to the Company’s policy of handling any and all internal personnel matters in a confidential manner, we can state that our thorough investigation provided no basis to conclude that a Tractor Supply Company team member is responsible for this unfortunate situation.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Polnicky ordered his bungee cord in October and didn't get it until February. He got the cord in October, three weeks after he ordered it.

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