05/06/2013 02:02 pm ET Updated May 07, 2013

Vogue Movie Will Debunk Industry Deceptions For A Teenage Audience

Vogue UK

First there was "The September Issue." Then, "In Vogue: The Editor's Eye." Now Vogue has made another movie that focuses on the brand behind-the-scenes -- but this time, their intention is to expose the falsehoods inherent in the magazine's iconic images.

Alexandra Shulman, legendary Vogue UK editor and champion of the Equity Model Code, told the Independent that she has helped to produce a film that showcases the painstaking manipulations editors make to turn their models into mannequins, "highlighting the difference between fashion and reality."

Shulman intends to distribute the film to primary schools within the next few months to show youngsters that the glamorous look her glossy projects is often inauthentic. Stylists don't merely use Photoshop, she says: "It's basically a huge team of people that go in to create the image, of which retouching is the icing on the cake. You can do far more with lighting and make-up."

With Vogue UK's recent expansion into the teenage market, the film is a logical (and appreciated) move. Shulman tells the Independent she hopes to stop "a 12-year-old looking at a fashion model in Vogue [from] thinking, 'Why don't I look like that?'" Amen, Alexandra -- we think a dose of reality is exactly what the industry could use.

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