05/07/2013 06:07 am ET

'90210': Silver Gets Bad News, Followed By Possibly Worse News (VIDEO)

You would think that with only one episode left -- ever! -- for "90210," that characters would be starting to move toward their happy endings. Or perhaps there are no happy endings in store. It was heartbreak this week for Silver, who got crushing news from her surrogate, Michaela.

"I know how important this baby is to you, which is why I couldn’t tell you the day I went to the doctor," Michaela said. "When I went, there wasn’t a heartbeat. It was just gone."

TV Fanatic was marveling at just how bad things have gotten for Silver, who got some bad test results from her MRI as well. Can she catch a break before it's all over?

But there was more darkness to come. At the end of the episode, the set and lights came crashing down after a performance catching fire all around Adrianna. Hollywood Life noticed this bleak trend, saying, "So far, zero characters seem to be getting happy endings — and with only one episode left, I’m starting to wonder if things will turn around around for everybody. Or anybody."

After five seasons, "90210" comes to a close with next week's series finale, Monday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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