05/07/2013 06:05 am ET

'Dear Mom, Love Cher': Georgia Holt Reveals How Cher Almost Wasn't Born (VIDEO)

Cher sat down with her mother, Georgia Holt, for a candid chat about their life together on "Dear Mom, Love Cher." The Lifetime special coincided with the fulfillment of the 86-year old Georgia's lifelong dream of releasing an album. That album, "Honky Tonk Woman" is out now, and features a duet with Cher.

While there was plenty of dish on the special that saw both women talk openly and candidly, there was one shocking reveal that could have changed everything.

Georgia said that she'd left her first husband and moved back in with her mom. But when her mom found out that she was pregnant, she was given a choice. She could either abort the pregnancy or she could go back to her husband. There was no option to raise the child as a single mother.

And so Georgia considered an abortion. "I can remember the chairs were chrome, and I was sweating," she recalled. "The sweat was just coming off of me on this chrome and when the door opened and it was my turn, I said, 'Mother, I can’t do it.'"

And so her mother told her she would have to go back to her husband. "So, that's how she's here," Georgia said of Cher.

Cher admitted to USA Today that she had reservations about airing the family's so-called dirty laundry. It was originally just going to be a private present for Georgia. "But what's anyone going to do to me now?" she mused. "So I come from a poor white trash background. It doesn't make any difference."

Entertainment Weekly enjoyed the special, saying that its biggest crime was "too much dish and too little detail." That just means there's room for more!

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