05/07/2013 04:53 pm ET Updated May 16, 2013

'Highway Don't Care' Video Has Tim McGraw Teaming Up With Taylor Swift And Keith Urban

The music video for "Highway Don't Care," a collaboration from Tim McGraw with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, made its debut on Tuesday. Originally released as a single in February, the track is featured on McGraw's recent album, "Two Lanes of Freedom."

The clip has McGraw walking down a deserted street in a cowboy hat, Swift appearing angelic in back-lit sunlight, a man texting while doing sit-ups, and added bonus: an excessive crying scene in a parking lot. Crying Parking Lot Girl and Sit-Up Boy go about their days while texting (she as she cries and drives, he while he picks out clothes from his fancy closet) as Swift and McGraw sing forlornly. Urban enters to play some guitar riffs before the video ends with a shocking (and violent) twist -- take a look above.