05/07/2013 10:29 am ET Updated May 07, 2013

Yoshihide Kiryu, 17-Year-Old Sprinter From Japan, Runs 100m In An Incredible 10.01 Seconds (VIDEO)

At just 17 years-old, Yoshihide Kiryu is a new, lightning-fast star of the sprinting world. On April 29, the teen from Japan finished a 100-meter race in an incredible 10.01 seconds -- which means he tied for the junior world record and he is one of only three men in the world (under-20) to have ever run that fast.

“It’s like a dream. Honestly, I am surprised,” Kiryu said after the race in Hiroshima, Japan, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Watch Kiryu's amazing race in the video above.

Now, the teen has set his sights on a new goal: he wants to beat his own world record. According to New Straits Times, Kiryu wrote down the new time he's aiming to achieve, 9.96 seconds, on a blackboard in his high school. If Kiryu accomplishes his goal he will also break Japan's national record.

In women's sprinting, a junior from Oregon named English Gardner has just broken an impressive record, as well. At the Penn Relays on April 26, Gardner set the fastest 100-meter time for this year: 11.00 seconds. Jamaica's Stephanie McPherson also turned heads at the recent Jamaica International Invitational track and field event -- she captured a new world record time of 50.43 seconds for 400m.

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