05/08/2013 05:36 pm ET

Baby Elephant Gets Stuck In Ditch; Desperate Mother Fails To Rescue Her So Villagers Help (VIDEO)

In a heartwarming show of teamwork, villagers in India banded together to rescue a terrified baby elephant who had fallen into a muddy ditch.

The female calf had fallen behind the rest of her family members when she fell into a muddy ditch in northeast India, according to The Guardian.

Video of the event shows the terrified mother elephant unsuccessfully trying to rescue the baby, who can be seen struggling feebly in the muddy ditch.

As word of the problem spread, villagers arrived to help the mother, using ropes to pull and push the baby out of the hole. This was no easy feat, however, considering some newborn elephants can weigh about 200 pounds.

The baby was then taken by truck to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation at the Kaziranga National Park, according to 9News, where she was fed and given fluids.

Baby elephant accidents are far from uncommon in India, where the endangered animals are prevalent.

After a similar incident in 2010, the Telegraph noted that shrinking habitat and food scarcity had forced the elephants into deforested areas and human settlements.



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