05/10/2013 02:54 pm ET

Best World Reads Of The Week: May 4 - May 10

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Spending our days on the interwebs has its advantages, one being that we come across lots of excellent pieces of journalism. Every week, we'll bring you our favorite online reads that didn't appear on our site. Disagree with the selection? Leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet #bestreads at @HuffPostWorld.

China May Not Overtake America This Century After All
The Telegraph -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Will China become the world's largest economy this century? The Telegraph evaluates the stats.

A Jungle Of Humanity And Disorder
The New York Times -- Jodi Rudoren, Lynsey Addario, Tamir Elterman
More than 120,000 Syrians have sought shelter in Jordan's overcrowded Zaatari refugee camp. This Times interactive paints a detailed picture of Zaatari with photos, maps, video and satellite images.

Fidel Castro: Revolutionary, Dictator, Sportswriter
Hazlitt -- Eric Nusbaum
“You’ve come here, to a place with extraordinary sports facilities. In these facilities you should develop your athletic abilities to their maximum potential, as part of the satisfaction of your human needs,” Fidel Castro said in 1971. Eric Nusbaum explores the Cuban leader's vision of sports as a part of the revolution, and the icon's writing on the subject.

Are Those North Korean Long Range Missiles For Real?
NPR -- Geoff Brumfiel
Experts explain to NPR why it is so hard to prove whether or not Pyongyang's rockets would be able to hit the U.S.

Escape From Bahrain: Ali Abdulemam Is Free
The Atlantic--Thor Halvorssen
The Atlantic retraces the steps of blogger and activist Ali Abdulemam as he fled the Kingdom of Bahrain.