05/08/2013 05:08 am ET

'Hell's Kitchen': Amanda And Nedra Get Into It Over Amanda's Inability To Prepare Tuna (VIDEO)

Amanda and tuna did not mix well on this week's installment of "Hell's Kitchen." After watching her tackle what should be a fairly straightforward preparation for much longer than necessary, Gordon Ramsay said, "This is extraordinary!"

He wasn't paying her a compliment, though. She'd tried twice to send out raw tuna. Finally, Nedra had stepped in to help, before quickly stepping out again when Amanda bumped her. Ramsay encouraged Amanda to take charge in that instance, and she did so. In response, Nedra stepped off to let Amanda sink or swim on her own.

Her fourth go at the tuna wound up on fire, eliciting the aforementioned response, so it looked like it was definitely going to be a sink for Amanda.

Buddy TV felt that she certainly made things look difficult in the kitchen, earning her quick departure at the end of the night. Nedra's obvious disdain for the eliminated contestant during the episode spilled onto her Twitter feed where she bashed Amanda during the episode.

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