05/08/2013 12:42 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Manhunt Reveals 'Hey Guys' Is The Number One Headline On Gay Hook Up Site

via Manhunt

Note: The story below links to ManhuntDaily.net in multiple places, a site which is NSFW.

For many gay men, finding hook up partners online is a way of life.

Now ManhuntDaily.net, an offshoot of Manhunt, one of the most frequented online gay social networking sites on the Internet, has revealed the top profile headlines used by Manhunt members.

In 49 out of 50 states, the most popular headline is “Hey guys,” as illustrated nicely on a map on the site. The only state to break away from the trend is Connecticut, where the number one headline is “Looking for a top” (subtle, no?).

Manhunt claims it wants its members to stand out from the crowd and suggest they "have something to say that’s more substantial than 'Hey guys.'" To aid in this endeavor, the site offers a list of popular headlines according to each state, though it notes it's not "a list of the top five headlines for each state" but rather "a scattered sampling of our findings, which should give you an idea about which phrases to avoid in your area."

For example, here are the headlines representing Delaware, the newest member of America's marriage equality family:

1. Hey Guys
2. Looking for friends
3. Looking for now
4. Looking for NSA fun
5. Not looking

For other states, check out ManhuntDaily.net and then tell us what you think about online hook up sites -- terrific or trashy? -- in the comments section below.



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