05/08/2013 04:55 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Nancy Grace Delivers Reliably Bonkers Coverage Of Jodi Arias Trial

With the Jodi Arias trial reaching its climactic moment on Wednesday, the eyes of the nation turned, as they always do, to Nancy Grace.

The HLN anchor has always been controversial for her deeply emotional, over-the-top style, but she is never less than compulsively watchable. As the verdict in the trial was announced, Grace's name was trending higher than Arias herself.

And with good reason. Grace was her usual out-there self, barking out stemwinder after stemwinder as she waited for the verdict to be handed down.

At one point, she went on a long monologue about murder victim Travis Alexander, choking up as she lingered over an image of his "decomposing" body and speculating about how any mothers watching might be feeling if their son was murdered. (Hint: they'd be sad.)

As the verdict approached, Grace began getting increasingly agitated:

After Arias was found guilty, Grace choked up again, and she took on a cadence previously seen when Walter Cronkite talked about the Kennedy assassination.

"There is a verdict," she said dramatically. "Guilty on murder one."



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