05/08/2013 05:11 am ET Updated May 08, 2013

'The Mindy Project': Mindy Tries To Take Down A Stripper Pole, Winds Up Giving A Show (VIDEO)

This week, Mindy was mentoring a pre-med college student on "The Mindy Project." After Mindy abruptly broke up with her boyfriend, who was going to Haiti, she took her new friend up on an offer to go to a college party. Things got a little out of control when the young college woman started dancing on a stripper pole. Mindy was not happy about that at all.

She decided to take a stand for women everywhere by taking the pole down. Unfortunately, that proved more difficult than she imagined. Her struggles wound up becoming an impromptu strip show, to the delight of the attending frat boys.

And of course, the guys from the office showed up at the same time. Danny and Jeremy were trying to convince Morgan to come back to the practice, so they invited him to party with all of them in an attempt to prove they were like a family. And suddenly there were a bunch of awkward old people hanging out with college kids.

When Mindy's boyfriend showed up drunk and saw her tending to an infected piercing on a former boyfriend, all hell broke loose. By the end of it, virtually everybody was fighting everybody else.

TV Fanatic thought the whole chaotic party seen was "well done," but The AV Club feels there has to be a line at some point for the show. While they appreciate the silly tone, they did have some advice: "Stop ending episodes with brawls. What is this, the fiftieth time Mindy and pals have gone to some crazy party and it has ended in a fistfight?”

Find out if the season ends with a brawl by tuning in to "The Mindy Project" season finale, next Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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