05/08/2013 04:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Zac Efron Shirtless Is A Great Use Of Sweatpants (PHOTOS)

Photos of Zac Efron shirtless surfaced today, confirming existing reports that he is, as they say, ripped. Styling his washboard abs with a pair of low-slung sweatpants and a flash of his briefs, we felt a familiar pang of dᅢᄅjᅢᅠ vu. Haven't we seen this outfit before?


The answer, of course, is yes. As it turns out, several hunky dudes wear drawstring pants when working up a sweat. For the sake of science, we ask: How do Zac's sweatpants stack up to those of his colleagues? Take a nice, long look at the actor's shirtless brethren below:

Ryan Gosling:

zac efron shirtless photos

Justin Bieber:

zac efron shirtless photo

David Beckham:

zac efron shirtless photos

Aaron Carter:

zac efron shirtless photos

Some men we'd like to try the look:

Stylish Male Celebs

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