05/09/2013 03:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Amanda Bynes' Seventeen Cover Proves That She Was Once America's Sweetheart (PHOTOS)

It's safe to say that Amanda Bynes is going through a sort of rough patch at the moment, but we recall a time when the actress was just another teenage media sweetheart.

The Nickelodeon alum scored quite a few top knotch covers for up-and-coming fashion figures back in the day, including a coveted Seventeen feature in 2008. Amanda even posed right next to Mary-Kate and Ashley on the cover of Vanity Fair's teen stars issue in 2003 -- proximity to Olsens is always a good sign in the style department.

So just in case your mind has become clouded with scandalous twitpics and unflattering paparazzi snaps, we're going to help you conjure the Amanda of yesteryear.

A post-"Amanda Show" Bynes rubbing shoulders with the Olsens:

amanda bynes seventeen

Aww, she had brown hair:

amanda bynes seventeen

"Why Are Boys Like That? Amanda Bynes Has Answers For You":

amanda bynes seventeen

Doesn't she look like America's sweetheart?

amanda bynes seventeen

Slowly but surely amping up the sex appeal:

amanda bynes seventeen

All down hill from 2010...

amanda bynes seventeen

We're more accustomed to seeing her like this now:

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pictures

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