05/09/2013 05:27 am ET

'Arrow': Oliver Takes On Malcolm Merlyn, And Fails (VIDEO)

On the latest "Arrow," Oliver cleverly used Diggle -- posing as the archer -- to get his mother, Moira, to confess to her dealings with Malcolm Merlyn in front of her son. It was a confession he needed to hear, and it had an even bigger impact that she now knows that her son knows. And he wasn't the only one to find out, as her husband filed for divorce upon hearing that she knew he was being held captive the whole time.

So Arrow decided to pay Malcolm a visit and tell him that he has failed the city. He'd determined that whatever Merlyn was planning that involved the destruction of The Glades was perhaps the real reason he took on the mantle. He also thinks it's the real reason his father wanted him to avenge all the wrongs he'd done.

Unfortunately, Oliver didn't know that Malcolm was the Dark Archer, nor could he have possibly known that he could snatch an arrow out of the air. Malcolm easily manhandled Oliver in hand-to-hand combat. With Oliver unconscious, Merlyn pulled back the hood and discovered his secret identiy. His respone?

“Oh no.”

Zap2It thought this was a "terribly mean cliffhanger," though it could have been worse. They could have ended the season this way. Buddy TV doesn't have a lot of optimism for that finale, coming next week. "“Going into the finale ... it looks likely that Malcolm will succeed in destroying The Glades," they wrote. "Will Diggle, Moira, Felicity, the police or someone else at least sound the alarm to warn the residents?”

Find out next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW during the Season 1 finale of "Arrow."

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