05/09/2013 05:37 pm ET

French Dip Sandwich Rivalry Between Cole's And Philippe's Gets Animated (VIDEO)

The French Dip, a deli menu standard all across the United States, actually originated in Los Angeles. The only problem? Two historic restaurants both claim that their chefs invented and popularized the roast beef on french bread sandwich dipped in au jus.

The French Dip rivalry between Cole's and Philippe's is more than a century old, and it just got a little more animated thanks to local filmmaker Joris Debeij.

In his adorable short, Debeij pits the managers of both spots against each other, asking them to recount their restaurants' competing origin stories. Then he animates each tale and asks Angelenos to visit both and weigh in on which French Dip tastes most "authentic." The taste-test shouldn't be too hard to pull off; after all, they're both located in downtown LA, less than 2 miles away from each other. Sounds like a delicious stroll.



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