05/09/2013 06:35 pm ET

L'uvalla: A Sustainable Skin Care Line

Who says beauty is only skin deep? L’uvalla’s line of 100% natural and certified organic (there’s a difference between natural and organic — L’uvalla explains it here) personal care products radiate beauty from the inside out.

Appreciative of skin, the Earth, people, and animals all at once, L’uvalla promotes humanely produced synergistic formulas that dynamically interact with your skin, providing short-term results and long-term health, all of which contain the company’s signature ingredient, the Lotus flower.

Some of our faves include the Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($31.99), for combination or oily skin, which produces a light, non-stifling foam that won’t irritate your eyes. We felt like queens after using the pore-minimizing, citrus-scented luxury that is the Orange Toner ($29.99). You can find both of these products in the Age-Defying set (just over $108) if you’re looking for a regime that defies wrinkles without defying the environment—in fact, all products are “sustainably produced from seed to shelf.”

This post originally appeared on EcoFabulous.com.