05/09/2013 04:46 am ET

'How To Live With Your Parents': Polly Finds A New Man, Tries To Help Her Ex Score (VIDEO)

After abruptly ending her relationship with Scott, "How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)" quickly got Polly back onto the dating scene. She wound up finding a new connection with former "The Game" star Pooch Hall. Right away, though, things got awkward thanks to her parents -- of course!

"Please tell me you’re not looking at a tall, swarthy man and a lady dressed like a fortune teller," Polly said when Ryan got distracted during a makeout session in front of her house. She knew what was going on. Natalie couldn't sleep, so Polly's parents took her out for coffee, leaving the little girl literally running around with manic energy and screaming, "Mommy’s kissing someone, mommy’s kissing someone!”

Natalie became concerned that her father was unhappy -- perhaps her seeing him crying in his car might have something to do with it -- and so Polly decided to help him find someone to hook up with. He targeted a gorgeous professional, which actually worked out in the end. But not before Polly stole her iPad, because her parents were clearly terrible influences.

Most impressively, Polly was open and honest to Ryan about what she was doing, and he didn't freak out or run away. In fact, he seemed more determined to stay than ever -- though that could be because he's hoping she'll turn her "getting him laid" energy from her ex-boyfriend to the current man in her life.

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