05/09/2013 10:42 am ET Updated May 10, 2013

Matt Lauer Asked If He Needs An Intervention (VIDEO)

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Things got a little awkward during Matt Lauer's interview with Zach Galifianakis on Thursday, when the tables were turned on the "Today" host.

Galifianakis stopped by the show to discuss his new movie "Hangover 3." In the film, Galifianakis' character stops taking medication and is the subject of an intervention by his friends.

Lauer asked Galifianakis if he had ever been part of an intervention in real life. His guest then asked him the same question and wondered, "Do you need one?"

Lauer looked at him and laughed, replying, "Different schools of thought on that."

He later brought up Galifianakis' widely-praised performance on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend. Galifianakis asked Lauer if he has ever hosted the show.

"I don't think I'll be asked to do it, but I would do it if asked," Lauer said. "If elected, I will serve."

Lauer has been the subject of negative press for the past year since Ann Curry's messy ouster from "Today." His Q score — a measure of television personalities' popularity — had plunged 25 percent at one point, and the host has even poked fun at his battered public image.

"If you’ve been following the papers lately, you know it’s been a bit rough for me," he joked at an event in April he was asked to host. "These days, I only get asked to host dinners if polio is busy. Yup, I have a lower Q rating than polio right now.”



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