05/09/2013 03:28 pm ET

'Momtract' For Mother's Day: Mom Doesn't Want Anything, Just Obedience For Life (VIDEO)

You're a big person now. It's time to sign a "Momtract" for Mother's Day. So what if you've grown up? Mama is getting on, too, and she deserves your subservience, doesn't she?

The Momtract is a contract with Mom that gives her "the gift of authority" for life, explains the cute video above by ad agency Mother New York.

Mother N.Y. annually honors Mother's Day with a fun parody ad. Last year it summoned the American Coalition of Labor Reparations, a fictional organization seeking money for those who have given birth. But this year the agency confronts perhaps an even more painful event: a lifetime of child-rearing.

Putting your John Hancock on the Momtract legally guarantees Mom you'll "have that tramp stamp removed" and "stop having your secretary lie" to her. And that's just the beginning.

Sign on the dotted line, if you dare.