05/09/2013 08:24 am ET

'My Crazy Obsession': Woman Wears Troll Bikini And Mask To Flirt With Her Husband (VIDEO)

Michelle Kerrins is a 38-year-old gymastics instructor. But what many of her students may not know is that she loves Trolls -- as in the classic Troll dolls. So much that she, and her Trolls, were featured on "My Crazy Obsession."

With a collection of more than 3,000 Trolls, the dolls have begun to take over her house. Michelle has a special room for them, but they’re also hidden in cabinets, drawers -- even her freezer. The collection is getting so big that she wanted to start moving t into the basement, but her husband said that the basement was his man cave.

She tried to seduce him with a Troll mask, to see if he might give in. "What would you do if I wore just the Troll mask?" she asked him.

"I'd run," he responded. Nevertheless, he did relent and now has to share his cave with some of her Trolls.

Michelle said she spends at least three hours a day on her Trolls, looking for new ones online or just hanging out in the Troll room. She says they're like her security blanket, making her happy when she's sad. She even wears Troll clothes, including a bikini, which she says she wears all the time. The only place she won't wear it is in a pool. She wouldn't want to ruin it.

Media outlets couldn't get enough of Michelle's Troll bikini and mask -- which she has worn together -- or he collection.

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