05/09/2013 03:34 pm ET Updated May 09, 2013

Val Kilmer On Capitol Hill: Actor Turns Lobbyist For A Day, Takes Many Pictures

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Prince Harry isn't the only celebrity gracing Capitol Hill this week.

Val Kilmer, the actor of "Batman Forever" and "Real Genius" fame, found himself on Capitol Hill on Wednesday -- and took to tweeting everything in sight.

Senate Hart Building! George Washington! Hallway! Capitol! Selfie + basement hallway!

The actor was in Washington making an appearance in favor of the Equitable Access to Care and Health Act, or EACH Act, which would allow people to claim religious exemptions from Obamacare.

Some in D.C. were excited to spot Kilmer around town:

And some people had policy questions:

While others were simply concerned about the change in hairstyle:

Kilmer may be new enough to D.C. that his appearance here creates a stir, but he's no stranger to politics. The former embodiment of Bruce Wayne has a history of environmental activism and flirted with a run at the governor's office in New Mexico in 2010.

Kilmer was spotted eating at at Estadio on Tuesday night, the Washington Post reports.



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