05/10/2013 05:47 am ET Updated May 23, 2013

'The Big Bang Theory': Sheldon And Amy Have Sex - Via Their Role-Playing Characters (VIDEO)


What at first seemed like an episode that would separate the girls and the boys on "The Big Bang Theory" instead turned into a strange game of Dungeons & Dragons that they all "enjoyed" together. Sheldon was certainly enjoying Howard's first time as dungeon master, though this was primarily because of his celebrity impressions.

Things got to be a little too much, though, when the gang decided that since Sheldon and Amy aren't going to be physically intimate in the real world anytime soon, perhaps their characters should be. And so the other characters threw a love spell on them.

Thinking they were making fun of her, Amy ran off to Sheldon's room. He followed her -- because the others told him he should -- where he told her that he thought their non-sexual relationship was very intimate. As weird as it was, it was a sincere moment for him.

Then, as if to meet her halfway, Sheldon decided that they should at least follow the course of the game and have their characters address that love potion situation ... alone together in his room, which thought was a nice touch. “It drove home the point that Amy and Sheldon's sex life is just as personal and valid as those of any of the other couples without being forced to turn the act of RPS (role-playing sex) into either a completely serious or a completely comedic activity.”

The AV Club thought this was a "big step" for Sheldon, proving that he could be intimate. Could physical intimacy be on the horizon? Will we see a kiss in next week's season finale?

Come back and find out on the season finale of "The Big Bang Theory," next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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