05/10/2013 06:33 am ET

Edie Falco Fears Having To Return To Work As A Waitress Someday (VIDEO)

Edie Falco and Chelsea Handler bonded over horror stories from their time in the trenches of the food industry on "Chelsea Lately." Both women had been waitresses at earlier points in their lives, and that's a pretty thankless job much of the time.

One thing they agreed on was that they both absolutely hated that job. Falco said that a customer once tipped her by throwing pennies at her face, though she qualified it by saying that she probably deserved it. She described herself as an "awful, rude and mean" waitress.

"Meanwhile, I still walk by restaurants that are busy and think, well that’s a good lunch crowd! So, if things get really bad, this is a place to apply," Falco said.

She said she can't get those thoughts out of her head, though it's hard to imagine either woman reaching a point in their careers where they have to wait tables again.

At least for now, Falco is far too busy. Her Showtime series, "Nurse Jackie" is going strong in Season 5, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET. Meanwhile, "Chelsea Lately" is a solid hit for E! every weeknight at 11 p.m. ET.

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