05/10/2013 05:27 pm ET Updated May 11, 2013

Stephen A. Smith 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoof Ad For ESPN (VIDEO)

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN was already notable enough to be parodied by "Saturday Night Live." Now he has true universal reach, starring in a "Star Trek Into Darkness" spoof that appears to promote both the upcoming movie and the sports network.

"Stephen A. Smith boldly goes where no other ESPN analyst has gone before, sorta," reads the YouTube copy from ESPN CreativeWorks.

Smith plays several roles, melding his unique delivery with those of the crew. But if one Stephen A. Smith is enough for you, these 30 seconds could be intergalactic overkill.

"There are a gajillion better ways to promote this movie than by subjecting us to seven Screamin' Stephen A's," writes.

SportsGrid, meanwhile, applauds his thespian skills.

"For all of Stephen A. Smith’s flaws, he may in fact be a good actor," the site said.

Given the way his brand is taking off, we doubt that lampooning a summer blockbuster will be the final frontier for Smith.