05/10/2013 02:20 pm ET

'Twenty Second Series': Eoin Conlon Sums Up TV Shows So You Don't Have To Watch Them (PHOTOS)


While we don't discourage you from planning your weekend around a box set of "The Wire" (no judgement here!), Eoin Conlon has taken the liberty of summing up the gritty crime drama, along with several other popular TV series, so you don't have to watch them.

In his "Twenty Second Series," the graphic designer uses choice keywords to summarize popular TV shows, from "Friends" to "The Sopranos."

"We don't watch TV like we use to 10, 20 years ago," Conlon told The Huffington Post. "You most likely today watch your favorite shows in large chunks, be it on TIVo, SKY+ or DVD box sets. I thought it would be funny to mirror this in some print pieces, also like the ultimate condensing of the show."

Conlon, who has personally watched all the series he recapped, added that he tailored the graphics for each show, but also kept them relatively vague, so someone who has never seen the series can "enjoy it as much as a die-hard fan."

While Conlon's keywords are pretty on point, the graphics probably won't give you the chills like watching the gang leave Monica's apartment for the final time on "Friends." Sometimes you just have to watch the show.

See a few examples of Conlon's "Twenty Second Series" graphics in the gallery below, and click over to his Behance profile to see the rest of his work.

Eoin Conlon's Twenty Second Series

(Hat tip, Design Taxi)