05/10/2013 05:19 am ET

'Two And A Half Men' Finale: Dating Hilary Duff, Walden Prefers Marilu Henner (VIDEO)

Turns out Walden may not be the billionaire playboy he once was. On the season finale of "Two and a Half Men," he was dating Stacey, a 22-year-old party girl played by Hilary Duff. But she was so vapid that he found himself inexplicably drawn to her grandmother one night when he brought the drunk girl home.

Her grandmother, played by Marilu Henner, was beautiful as well as intelligent and accomplished. Walden was blown away by her photography and the experiences she's had -- and the great marijuana she has. She tried to encourage Walden to get out and see the world, but all he wanted to see was the inside of her bedroom

When her granddaughter inevitably caught the two of them together, she wasn't bothered at all. She was glad her grandma was with an "older" guy. Sure, there was nothing groundbreaking about anything that happened in the episode, but it was consistent. Zap2It notes that "smutty sex jokes and embarrassingly predictable plotting” formula has kept 'Men' on the air for 10 seasons -- and it’ll be back for at least one more."

Entertainment Weekly thought both actresses did a good job, despite sub-par material. "Both characters were barely-written uni-dimensional placeholders, and the subplot — which saw Kutcher fall for Henner — was absurdly no-stakes," they wrote. "But Henner brought some flirty charm to the role, and Duff did her best with bargain-bin gags about bulimia and jokes about how stupid blondes are stupid and funny hahaha.”

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