05/10/2013 05:06 pm ET Updated May 10, 2013

Wedding Ring Fitted To Man's Prosthetic Hand (VIDEO)

Seven months ago, Luke Medland, an English man who was born without his left hand, was fitted for a state-of-the-art prosthetic limb. Although he loved his new bionic hand, he realized it had one problem: his wedding ring kept slipping off his finger.

So, Medland asked the manufacturers to redesign the ring finger so his wedding band would stay on. Yahoo! News reported Friday that the manufacturers were happy to help, and molded the ring permanently to Medland's prosthetic finger.

Medland's bionic hand responds to muscle twitches on the upper part of his arm, allowing him to do everyday tasks like clicking a mouse and making a sandwich.

Earlier this year, a California town donated a wedding to a triple-amputee who was wounded in Afganistan. He walked down the aisle on two prosthetic legs. Another amputee, who lost four limbs in Afganistan, wore his prosthetic arms and legs to his wedding in 2012.

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