05/11/2013 10:03 am ET Updated May 13, 2013

Kym Whitley On Red-Carpet Fashion: 'It's So Much Easier When You're A Size 2 Or 3' (VIDEO)

As a Hollywood actress and comedienne, Kym Whitley is no stranger to the red carpet. Whether she's wearing a little black dress or a full-length gown, Kym knows what styles she likes and what flatters her full figure -- or so she thinks, says her close friend and fashion enthusiast Wendell James.

In this clip from "Raising Whitley," Wendell insists on helping Kym find the perfect red-carpet-worthy dress for an event. "You should not be your own stylist," he says to Kym, looking her up and down. "Wendell James is fashion."

Wendell immediately grabs a garment bag that he believes contains the dress for Kym. "Are you ready to see something classy?" he asks her. To the camera, Wendell says, "I got Kym a dress that will lay on her like butter!"

But will Kym agree? "I love this. I'm going to look like a shiny whale," she deadpans.

Despite Wendell's protests, Kym continues to compare herself to aquatic creatures. "A big fish," she suggests. "How about a big-breasted snake?"

Part of her resistance toward the dress, she explains, is that it looks like it will be difficult for a fuller-figured gal to wear. "It's so much easier when you're a size two or three to just slip on anything," Kym says. "But a big girl, sometimes you've got to strap some stuff down! I've got to strap, tape, hook, lay down [and] glue over just to fit in certain things."

Wendell has a solution for that, too, he says ... albeit an unconventional one. Watch the rest of the video to hear his plan to make Kym's waist look like a size two and see if she's up for the challenge.

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