05/11/2013 03:28 pm ET Updated May 11, 2013

Richard Scrushy, Man Convicted Of Bribing Alabama Governor, Blames Karl Rove's 'Political Persecution' (VIDEO)

Richard Scrushy provides his first on-camera interview since serving six years in prison for allegedly bribing Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman. Scrushy told HuffPost Live why believes Siegelman is innocent and the victim of a political prosecution motivated by Karl Rove.

Ex-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman's daughter, Dana Siegelman and former Alabama Congressman, Parker Griffith joined HuffPost Live in December 2012 to discuss the political conflicts of interest and judicial misconduct that they claim played a role in the former governor's conviction on bribery and mail fraud charges.

"Karl Rove's hands are all over this," Griffith previously told HuffPost Live. "This is absolutely, one of the most unjust things I've ever encountered. The Karl Rove southern strategy is a racist strategy, it pits people against one another, it splits us apart and he was very successful in vetting judges."

In February, Don Siegelman's daughter Dana again spoke with HuffPost Live, saying at the time that Vice President Joe Biden had privately voiced his support for her father's pardoning. Siegelman discussed an encounter she had with Biden during a meeting of the Democratic party chairs in Washington D.C.

"I was able to sneak up and shake his hand, I held it tight and told him I was on a mission to free my dad," she told HuffPost Live. "His eyes got very big and he generally announced to the people around me, and to me, 'I am too.'"

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman already has 112 former state attorney generals petitioning for his release from federal prison.

-- Ricky Camilleri and Lindsay Wilkes-Edrington contributed to this report.