05/11/2013 12:05 pm ET

Thomas Mulcair, Canadian Politician, Quotes 'Arrested Development' In Parliament Attack (VIDEO)

The new season of Arrested Development is causing so much excitement, even Canadian politicians like New Democratic Party member Thomas Mulcair can't help quoting it in the middle of completely unrelated arguments.

On Wednesday, while decrying Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's remarks concerning a missing $3 billion in "anti-terrorism spending," Mulcair (who, like the show's protagonist Michael Bluth, is also from a very large family) invoked the popular sitcom to hammer home his point:

"Is the money just in the wrong filing cabinet, is it hidden in the minister's gazebo, is the money in the banana stand?" Mulcair demanded (to giggles from the other MPs.)

Well said, Mulcair. Though, as points out, since there was only $250,000 hidden inside the Bluths' banana stand, you'd need a small village of banana stands to hide $3.1 billion in cash.

In 'Arrested Development,' the eccentric family patriarch, George Bluth, Sr., is constantly telling his workaholic son, Michael, that "there's always money in the banana stand." Michael finds out that he misunderstood what his father meant only after he and his son, George Michael, torch the family's banana stand to collect insurance money.

The new season of Arrested Development will be released all at once on Netflix on May 26.

(h/t Gawker via Uproxx)



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