05/12/2013 11:57 am ET

CNN Secures Exclusive With Pedro And Onil Castro, Brothers Of Accused Cleveland Kidnapper (VIDEO)

CNN secured an exclusive interview with Pedro and Onil Castro, the brothers of Ariel, the Cleveland resident accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive against their will for more than a decade.

The brothers were arrested along with Ariel last week when kidnapping victim Amanda Berry broke free. Ariel was charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and rape days later. The brothers were not charged and were released from custody on Thursday.

The brothers sat down with CNN's Martin Savidge and said that they had no knowledge of their brother's alleged activities. Pedro Castro told Savidge, "…it’s going to haunt me down because people going to think, yeah, Pedro got something to do with this and Pedro don’t have nothing to do with this. If I knew, I would have reported it. Brother or no brother."

The interview will air on CNN's morning show on Monday, beginning at 7:00 a.m.



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