05/12/2013 10:52 pm ET Updated May 13, 2014

'Space Oddity': Chris Hadfield Covers David Bowie In Space (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Chris Hadfield's David Bowie cover will be removed from YouTube. Hadfield posted about the removal on Reddit.

Hello again reddit!

It has been a year since my son and I created and released the Space Oddity video. We have been amazed and delighted that so many people enjoyed it - and maybe saw what spaceflight can really be like. It helped show that humans have left Earth, and that the Space Station is a new stage, for not just science and exploration, but for our art and music too. With exploration comes insight – with perspective comes self-realization.

We had permission from David Bowie’s people to post the video on YouTube for a year, and that year is up. We are working on renewing the license for it, but as there are no guarantees when it comes to videos shot in space, we thought you might want to have one last look before we take it down.

Thanks for everything. You've all been incredible throughout.

Chris and Evan Hadfield

Edit: Here's an article that details some of the copyright complications.

Pop music went literal this weekend, when "Space Oddity" -- Chris Hadfield edition -- made its way from the International Space Station to Earth. The veteran astronaut, who departs from ISS on Monday, recorded a cover that's now being touted as the first music video ever recorded in space.

The original song comes off the singer's eponymous 1969 album, which is also known as "Space Oddity."

Space music has been in a sort of a renaissance lately. Jared Leto's Thirty Second to Mars sent their single, "Up in the Air," into the beyond with some help from NASA.

Bowie recently released the video for "The Next Day" and quickly drew the ire of organizations such as the Catholic League. The visuals feature the "Ziggy Stardust" singer playing parlor entertainment in a church brothel frequented by a bishop (Gary Oldman). Marion Cotillard plays a prostitute suffering from stigmata.

Hadfield handed over the role of ISS Commander to Pavel Vinogradov, a move you can watch via the video linked in Hadfield's below tweet:

David Bowie Through The Years