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Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Alexis Bledel And The Olsen Twins Covered Vanity Fair In July 2003

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A decade ago, before Amanda Bynes' Twitter rants and Lindsay Lohan's car accidents, Vanity Fair named the young women two of the "hottest teen and tween stars."

Bynes and Lohan covered the July 2003 issue alongside Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore, who's now engaged to the guy who plays Pete Campbell), Evan Rachel Wood, the Olsen twins, Mandy Moore, Raven Symone and Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire!). Inside the magazine, other highly recognizable faces like Emily van Camp of "Revenge," Emma Watson and Solange Knowles are also featured.

Here are some things we learned about everyone's favorite 2003 teen stars:
--Amanda Bynes' catchphrase was "No prob."
--Solange Knowles wanted "as many [Juicy Couture outfits] as I can get."
--Evan Rachel Wood had never heard of Juicy Couture.
--Emma Watson loved her iPod.
--Mandy Moore preferred Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera.
--Raven Symone did not like "fake people."
--Alexis Bledel had some existential thoughts about the idea of celebrity crushes. “The whole illusion for me is completely gone," she said.
--Emily van Camp had a crush on Ashton Kutcher.
--Lindsay Lohan also had a crush on Ashton Kutcher.
--Hilary Duff's biggest pet peeve was "chipped polish and wastefulness.”

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