05/13/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anna Pierre Is Endorsed By Jesus Christ, According to North Miami Mayoral Campaign Flyer (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A Haitian pop singer-turned-nurse running for mayor in North Miami has claimed the ultimate endorsement: that of Jesus Christ.

Anna Pierre's latest campaign flyer begins with a statement against corruption and ends with an image of Jesus and the words "Anna Pierre, RN is endorsed by Jesus Christ."

"Yes, he did endorse me," Pierre told Local10 on Monday, promising to discuss the endorsement soon. (Story continues after flyer.)

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Pierre was recently in the news when she claimed she had been a victim of Haitian vodou. She told NBC6 that she found candles, food, and pill-stuck dolls outside her campaign office door.

Pierre also told the Miami Herald that 50 of her campaign signs have been stolen and she has received anonymous phone calls telling her to drop out of the race.

As for as the items left on her doorstep, “They can put all the vodou they want,” Pierre told the Herald. "I'm a Christian woman. I’m not scared.”

Those are just a few of the wild antics in the North Miami race, which includes six other hopefuls and ends on Tuesday.

Last week, another candidate was punched in the mouth by an acquaintance at his campaign headquarters.

Check out the music video for Pierre's hit "Mete Suk Sou Bonbon" below:

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