05/13/2013 07:10 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

Some People Say Someone Is Likely Doing Some Stuff With Anthony Weiner, Who Might Do Some Stuff

There is news Monday concerning the mayoral run that Anthony Weiner might be making in New York City, unless he doesn't make that run, in which case carry on with your lives. Per Maggie Haberman, the former U.S. representative is "staffing up," according to people:

Sources did not identify the name of the staffer, or what position the person will play on the campaign. But it comes after Weiner and his associates have spent weeks canvassing for names of potential press aides and other hires.

Weiner, as you might recall, did some stuff with Twitter a while back. Previously, he did some stuff with a goat. He is also well-known for knowing how Medicare works.

Sorry no one can be more specific.

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