05/13/2013 10:03 am ET

Charles Venn, 88, Murdered 80-Year-old Roommate Vivian Schronce After Beer: Police

An 88-year-old man drank a few beers and shot his 80-year-old roommate on Mother's Day, minutes after the woman had returned from church with her family, cops said.

Charles Edwin Venn allegedly got in an argument with the victim, Vivian Schronce, over the alcohol in their Gaston County, N.C. home on Sunday afternoon, the Charlotte Observer reports. Police say he fired two shots in Schronce's direction and she was struck by one of the bullets. She died at the hospital.

Leanne Catoe, Schronce's daughter, told the Gaston Gazette that the two had attended a church service that morning. Catoe was bringing some groceries to Schronce's home when she saw an ambulance go by. She hurried to her mother's house to find paramedics doing CPR on Schronce.

"And all I could say was, 'God, no. God, no.' And then we get to the hospital and they said that she’d been shot," she told the paper. "Why would anybody shoot a grandmother, a great-grandmother?"

Venn, who has never been in trouble with the law before, was charged with first-degree murder. He told police that the two lived together as roommates, but he didn't immediately identify a motive, Fox 19 reports.

Schronce's granddaughter, Amber Lewis, told the station that Venn had a temper and a drinking problem.