05/13/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated May 13, 2013

Hacked Florida Traffic Sign Reads 'Smoke Weed Erryday' (PHOTO)

Florida residents driving in Winter Park Sunday got some surprising instructions from one of the city's portable traffic signs.

News station WFTV snapped the following photo, which garnered a slew of retweets by their Twitter followers:

The Orlando Sentinel reported that one passer-by claimed that his brother was the behind the prank and criticized his work: "Dude, that's bad grammar."

Whomever tweaked the message had plenty of help online; the Internet is full of simple guides on how exactly to hack such signs.

Three years ago, a Miami-Dade traffic sign off the Palmetto Expressway was hacked to read "No Latinos No Tacos."

In most other traffic sign hackings, the message is more playful like the one in Winter Park on Mother's Day.

Last month, a sign near the University of Southern California was switched to read: "LAPD anal probing; guard your butthole."

A few months earlier, also in California, a traffic sign was hacked to read "Caution, Loose Gorilla!"

Last week in Wisconsin, another traffic sign was changed to read: "Zombies Ahead."



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