05/13/2013 03:36 pm ET

Hipster Tax For Being 'So Annoying' Backed By 27 Percent Of Americans: Poll

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Listen, we're with you: Muttonchops, fedora hats and not-so-occasional references to obscure pickled foods are all rather obnoxious. But are these life choices so offensive that they should be penalized? The answer to that question is yes, according to more than one-quarter of (unhip) Americans.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans say hipsters should be forced to pay a special tax because they are “so annoying,” according to a recent poll from Public Policy Polling.

It's true that these skinny-jeaned whipper snappers -- none of which appear to have a 9-to-5 job -- aren't all that self-aware. But can't we just leave them to wander idly in Williamsburg (requires one name only, just ask The New York Times)? And don't hipsters boost certain very important business sectors in the process? After all, without hipsters, where would we find coffee shop-record store combos? Or stores specializing in terrariums?

Nowhere, that's where! So maybe we should lay off the hipsters and let them continue to support their local economies, in the form of craft beer and artisan cheese purchases. No taxation without obscurification!

Full disclosure: This writer lives in Brooklyn, along with a rather large share of The Huffington Post staff.



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