05/13/2013 01:52 pm ET

Iowa Teens Recreate Prom Night For Sick Friend, Danna Rains (VIDEO)

It was on Danna Rains' bucket list to attend her senior prom. Unfortunately, when the big day came, the teen was too sick to attend -- she suffered from mitochondrial disease, among other illnesses.

"Since she couldn't make it to prom, I thought it was a great idea to bring the prom to her," Dana Lillig, a student at Dallas Center Grimes High School, told ABC 9 News.

Not only did Rains' friends make sure she got to experience prom by recreating the event, but other local businesses in Grimes, Iowa also made sure the event went off without a hitch by donating everything from her dress to the limousine. A salon even contributed by doing Rains' nails.

According to ABC 9 News, she was even nominated to be the "prom princess" for the night.

Earlier in May, another teen had a memorable prom experience after being voted prom queen. Dakota Bray, a high schooler who struggles with developmental delays because of a brain tumor, was so excited with being prom queen that she continued to wear her crown in the lunchroom and around school after prom was over, according to NBC 11 News.

"When they called my name, I was very excited," she said.

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