05/13/2013 04:41 pm ET

Kay Seymour, Student Nurse, Rescues Man From Train Tracks In Australia (VIDEO)

Thanks to the calm heroism of a student nurse, a man in Australia was whisked out of harm's way last week after he fell from a station platform on to a set of train tracks.

The nurse trainee, identified by the the Courier-Mail as 42-year-old Kay Seymour, had been waiting for a train at a Brisbane station when a 56-year-old unnamed man -- in a visibly "disoriented state," according to the report -- stepped off the platform and fell on to the tracks. The man had reportedly been suffering from seizures.

As the man struggled to get back on his feet, Seymour promptly rushed to his side, coaxing him to safety. The woman's courageous act was captured on CCTV.

"In my head I thought, I've got at least six minutes. I knew I had time to get him off," she told the Courier-Mail.

Meanwhile, Jill Lyten, an employee of Queensland Rail rushed to call station control to suspend train service on the line.

"I knew that I just had to get the number, get to control and stop the trains," Lyten said, according to this video uploaded on YouTube by ITN.

Queensland Rail spokesman Jim Benstead lauded Seymour's courage and quick thinking.

"The student nurse that was involved in helping the gentleman, she has done a selfless act here and a very brave act," he told Australia's ABC News.