05/13/2013 12:13 pm ET

Lego Casino Royale: Amazing Video Remakes Opening James Bond Scene With Favorite Kid Toys (VIDEO)

We've always been big fans of Lego-inspired art, but this shot-for-shot remake of the opening scene of "Casino Royale" makes us love James Bond -- and Legos -- even more.

The short clip manages to maintain the intriguing details of the original 007 movie, including black-and-white fight sequences and sweat-inducing interrogation dialogue...except everything is acted out using plastic figurines. Bricktease, an online community for "everything Lego," is responsible for the detailed sequence above.

You can compare Bricktease's work to the original film here; let us know what you think of Lego Bond in the comments. For more impressive Lego reimaginations, check out Mike Stimpson's photographs in the slideshow below.

Famous Photographs In Lego Form